Mungalli Creek Dairy - ProductsMungalli Creek Dairy produces some of the finest Biodynamic (organic) dairy products in Australia as is testament to the many awards and allocades our products receive.

The Biodynamic farming techniques, year round healthy pastures and the pristine surrounds of our farms ensure healthy contented cows and the best milk available for our products.

Certified A Grade Demeter Biodynamic, Mungalli Creek Dairy products are distributed and sold across Australia.


The predominance of Jersey and Brown Swiss cows in the Mungalli Creek herds and the wide variety of herbage in our biodynamic (organic) mountain pastures, gives the milk a rich creamy flavour which we maintain by treating it as gently as possible. Because the milk is neither standardised nor homogenised, it tastes as milk should taste and the cream rises naturally to the top. Our milk is totally pure, 100% farm fresh biodynamic (organic), straight from the farm to you.

Available in: 1 & 2L, Full Cream & Reduced Fat.

Mungalli Creek Full Cream Milk received Champion Milk at the Qld Royal Food & Wine Show in 2011 & 2012.


Mungalli Creek Dairy produces three ranges of award winning biodynamic yoghurts. A unique range of naturally set in the tub yoghurts that are light and refreshing, a range of Greek Style lactose free yoghurts and our yummy sweet top tub set yoghurts.

Natural Set Yoghurts
A premium range of yoghurts, naturally set in the cup, with the flavours reflecting the diversity of North Queensland Tropical fruits. The unique texture and taste of our yoghurts is due to the quality of our biodynamic milk and the carefully selected starter cultures. The milk is treated as gently as possible and because it has not been homogenised, the cream rises naturally to the top where it can be savoured and enjoyed or scraped off and discarded if you require a low fat treat. Flavours include Natural, Passion, Mango, Davidsons’ Plum and Rainforest Honey. The Davidsons’ Plum is sourced when possible from the rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands.

Natural available in 200g, 500g, 1kg & 10kg. All other flavours 200g and 500g sizes.


Sweet Top Yoghurts
Our most recent addition to our yoghurt collection. Like our traditional Natural Set Yoghurts, but just a little bit sweeter with honey for those who prefer a less tangy yoghurt.
Available in Blueberry, Raspberry, Vanilla & Blueberry & White Choc.
(200g & 500G sizes)

Greek Yoghurts - LACTOSE FREE
A delicious range of traditional Greek Yoghurt - thick and creamy, reduced fat with no added thickeners or skim milk powder. Simply delicious and great as a breakfast snack or dessert treat. Available in All Natural, Vanilla & Honey, Cherry Delight, Berry Bliss, Strawberries & Cream, Mango Tango and Passionately Greek. Each tub is stack full of organic or biodynamic fruit.

Available in 375g.
Natural also available in 10kg Food Service size (sweetened or unsweetened).

Cheese (seasonally available)

Mungalli Creek Dairy’s award winning cheeses are hand-crafted using traditional methods. You can literally taste the care used in their preparation. We hand hand pack our hard cheeses and our soft cheeses are packed with our state of the art custom built twin line cup filler.

Soft Cheeses
These are seasonally available in times of excess milk, usually summer & autumn.
Include Fetta and Ricotta made with whole milk.

Ricotta: made with fresh whole milk (not cheese whey) is rich, creamy and smooth, reminiscent of fluffy scrambled eggs when first made. Our Ricotta has won Silver Medals and the 2008 DIAA Awards and the 2007 Royal Queensland Show (available in 325g, 1kg & 10kg).

Fetta (seasonally available)
Mungalli fetta, just tastes better, perhaps it’s the fresh biodynamic milk or the skill with which it is made, just try it once you won’t go back. Mungalli Fetta won a Gold Medal at the 2008 DIAA awards and a Silver Medals at the 2008 Sydney Royal Show and the 2007 Royal Queensland Show. Mungalli Fetta is perfect for pizzas, pasta, salads and cooking.
Available in 300g & 6kg.

Natural also available in 10kg Food Service size (sweetened or unsweetened).

Bio Eggs

In raising our hens, which arrive as day olds, we use a combination of organic and biodynamic farming techniques. We aim to keep things as local as possible with the organic corn for the hens being sourced from the Godfrey family at Kiari. The hens feed is soaked in a special probiotic brew overnight to make the nutrients more available and easy to digest. A key point to the quality of our eggs is that our hens are able to forage amongst the lush bio-dynamic pastures and this natural foraging gives the eggs a rich yolk colour. Available in packs of 10 and bulk on request. Distributed in North Queensland region only.

Other Organic/Bio-Dynamic Lines available in North Queensland

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